Selecting a birthday present for your boyfriend can be a fun adventure or a daunting task.  Let’s face it when buying presents for our boyfriends we buy for them sometimes like they are our husbands.  We purchase from stores and order items online  from everything from A to Z.

We buy them game systems, jewelry, cologne, clothes, health products, sports items, weekend vacations, even try to help them further their career… the list is endless.  Whether we just really like him or love him your boyfriend deserves a great birthday present.

Make it easy on yourself.  Select him a gift by his Zodiac sign and also check out our “More Gift Ideas” area.  You and your boyfriend will be glad you did.

March 21 – April 20  His birth sign is “The  Ram.” Romantically blossom with your Aries boyfriend.  He is strong willed and determined, yet his fun loving attitude about life is great and contagious.  Support his optimism but keep him in touch with reality.  It will bring you and him even closer, to a place you will want to stay forever.  Make his birthday extra special with lots offun and gamesyou both can enjoy.

His birthstone is aDiamond.

April 21 – May 21  His birth sign is “The Bull.” Make a deeper love connection with this birthday guy. He wants to know the truth and prides himself in doing a good job whether it’s in his relationship with you, at home, work or school.  Be truthful to him. Play no relationship games with him and he’ll play no games with you.  He’ll be sincere in his love if you are.  He loves to keep in touch.  Always stay connected.

His birthstone is Emerald.

May 22- June 21  His Birth sign are “The Twins.” He may display that double personality being a little too moody off and on.  Tell him you love him and everything will be alright.  Give him some space.  He likes his solitude at times.  Let him sulk a little bit, it won’t hurt him and when he’s through, he’ll be looking for you to cheer him on as usual.  Keep both of you under the spell of love with…

His birthstone is Pearl

June 22 – July 22  His birth sign is “The Crab.” He knows what he wants out of life and he certainly wants you. You’ve found a great boyfriend or did he find you?   Spoil him, as he will spoil you.  Give him a little room to enjoy the relationship.  Don’t smother him.  What he confides in you stays with you.  Don’t kiss and tell.  This Cancer guy is a good catch and will make your life complete.  Surprise him on his birthday with you’re great cooking.

His birthstone isRuby

July 23 – August 23  His birth sign in “The Lion.” He’s vibrant and exciting to be with. He’s proud of you and wants to show you off as his Lioness to his friends and everyone.  Look your best at all times. Be yourself.  This handsome Lion loves being spontaneous.  Have fun keeping the excitement going, throughout your relationship.  Surprise him with fun loving ideas like love notes, unplanned outings, parties… and a great gift he will cherish always.

His birthstone is Peridot

August 24 – September 22 His birth sign is “The Virgin.” He’s your knight in shining armor.  Look no further.  You don’t have to wait to be rescued.  He’s already captured your heart. He will hold cuddle, caress and take care of you.  Keep him excited by reciprocating.  Don’t play the dumb blond or dumb brunette here.  Match his intelligence and you will both be on your way to a continuous solid relationship.  Help him show off his fun side.

His birthstone is Blue Sapphire.

September 23 – October 23 His birth sign is “The Scales.” He knows how to balance work, studies, friends and his relationship with you. He’s more comfortable with himself and you when everything is running smoothly. Be yourself.  No Lady Gaga for you unless that’s your forte. He’s kind and patient.  Reciprocate and your love will last. He’s been talking about losing a little weight, getting in shape, even eating healthier and having more energy.  Well girl, surprise him.  That’s your cue.

His birthstone is Opal.

October 24 – November 22 His birth sign is “The Scorpion.” He’s known world wide as a lover, but he’s your lover. His love magic has stung you like a scorpion and your hooked. He has chosen you and in his arms you feel safe.  He’s handsome, romantic, thoughtful, honest and direct.  Be sincere with him.  Keep the excitement going by surprising him with caresses when he least expects it.  He loves looking good, smelling good and being on time.  Surprise him with…

His birthstone is Topaz.

November 23 – December 21  His birth sign is “The Archer.” He’s aimed his arrow straight at you. Don’t break his heart, or he’ll look further and I mean fast. He won’t settle for less or second best.  He can make it happen whatever it is and will stick to the plan. He’ll shower you with gifts of love and wants and deserves the same.  For the sportsman in him make his birthday super special with a little something representing his favorite sport or his favorite sports team.

His birthstone is Turquoise.

December 22 – January 20  His birth sign is “The Goat.” Get your party on with your Capricorn.  He’ll keep you entertained and you do the same for him. Have fun experiencingnew and exciting adventures.  Staying  diligently focused on his career goals he’s a catch of a lifetime. You and he can make life’s dreams come true together. If he’s a nerd he’s your nerd.  He likes to keep himself and his ride looking good.  Help him keep the happy memories with a…

His birthstone is Garnet.

January 21 – February 18 -  His birth sign is “Water.” This confident guy will succeed in whatever he puts his mind to, his career, a life of love with you…  Just fall into his charms and his strong loving arms. With him your life will be happily busy and you and he can accomplish anything you set your minds to.  He loves his sports, new adventures and getting away from the regular routine.  Make his birthday a special blast giving him hours and hours of enjoyment with a…

His birthstone is Amethyst.

February 19  – March 20  His birth sign is “The Fish.” If you like romance this romantic sexy guy is for you. He doesn’t mind showing you his love and affection and knows how to be creative about it. Everyone loves a Pisces man.  Sharing intimate details with your girlfriends about your relationship with him is a no no.  He’ll love and respect you even more because of it.  He loves looking good.  Show him how much you love him by keeping him well dressed in…

His birthstone isAquamarine



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