Breaking up is sometimes hard to do.  But making up and getting back together can be a wonderful adventure.  If you are sure he is for you and you are for him, then reunited is where you need to be.  Share one of these birthday poems for boyfriend to help be a stepping stone to your way back to his heart.

I Apologize

There is no need

to have mixed feelings

on a Birthday quite so grand,

I apologized for my cheating.

There’s no other one I want

you are my man

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

Take Me Back

“Have a pleasant night,”

you said,

as you dropped me off.

“I can have a pleasant night,” I say,

if I spend it with you,

one night,

five nights,

three nights,


Lost in your kisses

melting in your arms

take me back again and

mesmerize me

with your charms.

Happy Birthday.

D. Alsup

I Will

In answer to your question,


I love you still,

Will I be willing

to give it a try again?

I will

I will

I’ll take the next step

back to you

and this time

let’s stick together

like glue

like glue,

Let’s stick together

like glue.

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup


They say communication is the key,

so I want to stay on the right track,

Tell you you’re awesome and

I’m glad we went back,

back together again

is where we should stay,

Happy Anniversary and

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup



let’s dance

and hold on tight

enjoy the dips

and whirls

finish with the

prize in sight


this man and girl.

Happy Birthday.

D. Alsup

Can I keep you?

Can I keep you,

I will nourish you

with my loving ways,

mend your broken heart,

fulfill and lengthen

your days,

lets sip

the cup of happiness

on your birthday supreme,

Can I keep you


You keep me,


and not just in our dreams?

D. Alsup

You And Me

Yearning for your sweetness and your strength

Outflanked my stubborness

Unable to last long

All roads lead back to




Endearing you.

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup


Rendezvous at midnight

Enter in our dream

Unadulterated passion

Never before seen

I am returning back to you

Tighten up the reigns

Empirical evidence backs up all you claims

Dalliance once again.

D. Alsup

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