Sometimes you may want to use the extra personal touch by adding your man’s name to your poem(s).  These poems can be easily personalized just by filling in the blanks with your boyfriend’s name, where it  is noted in (parenthesis).  He’ll love that personal touch and so will you.

Have fun and add your Boyfriend’s name in the blanks below:

Birthday Memories


May your birthday bring memories

of past happy times

And begin new treasured thoughts

of my love for you

on your mind.

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

For You

This poem is just for you (__________,)

To brighten up your day,

You sing,

You dance,

You ace everything you do

and people listen

to what you have to say,

You’re a natural born leader

everyone agrees,

so today



and let’s

hit all the parties!

Happy Birthday

D. Alsup

In Your Arms

Just rest me in your arms (__________,)

with my head upon your chest,

I’ll fall into your spell

Once more

For I know your loves the best.

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

With You

There’s a lot of beauty around here (__________,)

And it starts with you,

Your touch,

your smile,

your words of love,

your strength shines through.

Happy Birthday

and Many more!

D. Alsup

I Wish For You


An abundance of hugs,

kisses and love

for me you never run out,

An abundance of the same

I wish for you

all around and about.

Happy Birthday.

D. Alsup



These words I do send you,

sealed with more than a kiss,

on this your birthday darling

I would never miss

a chance to tell you you’re admired

for your wit and your charm,

your smile opens many a doors

and your debonair excitement

’causes much alarm.

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup



You’re smile

is always what I see first

when I think of you,

It brightens up so many others

and makes my day go faster too.

To know that I can hold you

and whisper in your ear

“Happy Birthday my boyfriend,”

ahhhh together

Another happy year.

D. Alsup

It’s Your Birthday

I’m glad it’s your birthday,

don’t sit down,

the crew is coming

to take you out on the town,

Whoop it up,

Blow it up,

Carouse and revel

Happy Birthday ( __________,)

You handsome devil.

D. Alsup



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