Miss You

There are so many reasons to miss your boyfriend on his birthday.  He could be out of town on a business trip, away at school or away fighting for our country.  Maybe he has to work a double shift that day or is ill or incarcerated and you can’t get to him.  Whatever the circumstances may be, you miss him.  You miss him and you want to let him know.  Select one of our “Miss You” poems to show him how much you really care.

1,000 Kisses

I send you 1,000 kisses

for each mile we’re apart,

You’re always in my thoughts,

You’re always in my heart


I really care.

I miss you

I love you

I wish you were here


I was there.

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

My Hero

You are my hero,

when you’re in the trenches

holding up the world,

I pray and smile on you

My hero,

my man for this girl,

I lock my love around you,

as you unlock you gun,

to know that all will be better soon

when home again you come.

Happy Birthday.

I Love You.

D. Alsup

Without You

Don’t want to be without you,

you make everything all right.

One day apart from your

loving arms

such torture,

feels longer

than a fortnight.

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

Traveling Back To You

The distance I traveled

away from you

haunts me everyday,

I must have been crazy

to think no other girls

would come your way,

So I’m traveling

back to you my love ,

on standby

as I text,

the first woman

you will kiss on your birthday

will be me,

so I won’t have to say,


Happy Birthday.

D. Alsup

I’m Screaming

I’m screaming,

” Happy Birthday,”

as loud as I can

to make sure everyone knows

that you’re my man.

“Happy Birthday!”

You’re the greatest!

I’ll be there to celebrate with you

as fast as I can.

D. Alsup

Miss You

I know it was me,

I told you to go,

but oh I miss you so,

you’re birthdays come around again

and such old sweet memories come in

to my mind,

Can we try again?

Happy Birthday

D. Alsup

We Miss You

The kids say hello,

we all miss you so,

We’re  sending you

“Happy Birthday” wishes

to let you know,

Greetings of love,

Happiness, prosperity,

A healthy long life,

Kisses from all of us,

“Happy Birthday”,

I long for you so,

Your wife.

D. Alsup

I Can Wait

Stop all your sad sack moping,


I miss you it’s true,

Just finish your sabbatical

and do what you gotta do,

I’ll wipe the tears from my face

and put my lipstick

red neon,

for before I know it

like you say,

you’ll be back

and we can

get our party on.

Happy Birthday!

Love Ya!




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