You love him.  Does he know it?  Have you stopped to tell him so.  Your actions may show it and that’s great.   Add the words to those actions and you can open up a whole new world of deep devotion, passion, happiness and a new found gratitude and respect for one another.  Share one or more of these birthday poems for boyfriend selections to let your boyfriend know how you really feel.

My Love

My love for you is irrefutable

growing stronger everyday,

The things you do solidifies

The things you say,

From the smallest caring actions

To the grandest overtures

Happy Birthday!

My new boyfriend

I’m glad you’re mine

and not hers.

D. Alsup

I Dream

I dream about you often,

I see you standing there,

then walking closer to me

then you offer me a chair

in an exclusive restaurant.

I sit right down beside you

and we slowly hold hands,


oh so tight,

Our pulses join

and beat together

I know

being with you is right.

Happy Birthday.

D. Alsup


Remember when we were at the river,

Looking out over the island

everything felt calm and happy,

your touch,

your voice,

your smile,

Let’s have your birthday party there

we’ll celebrate with friends

and when were done,

we’ll celebrate again.

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

Loving You

Loving you is nice

sweet and easy

the way love should be,

feliz cumpleanos (happy birthday,)

mi novio (my boyfriend)

Happy Birthday!

Eres mi amor (you are my love.)

D. Alsup

Hold Me Down

Hold me down,

tight my love,

Don’t you let me go,

pin my arms with your arms

Your cheek upon my cheek,

let me breath

Your breath of strength,

for without you

I am weak,

your hand in my hand,


no protest,

Happy Birthday,

My man,

You are the Best.

D. Alsup

Winter Love

Each time I see you,

I fall in love,

Over and over again,

I feel the cold snow of winter,

blowing from the North wind’s

breath above,

and my mind

smilingly captures once again,

our old

yet new

found love.

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

I Love You

What I mean is,

What I’m trying to say is,


if you just give me a minute,

Just listen…,

I Love You,

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

To You

Your words never grow old with me,

I love to hear you speak,

I love to hear you breathe a sigh

of a long days works relief,

I love to see you look ahead

at each and every year,

I love to know that you are mine

and I for you am here.

Happy Birthday.

D. Alsup

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