To convey words of inspiration to your boyfriend at any time can be appreciated.  When you chose to do so on his birthday as well sometimes those words may seem to have even more meaning.  Take the time to go the extra mile.  Show a little extra love and express these words by writing or texting them.   It will truly show your boyfriend you sincerely care.  Not only do you care about his happiness on his birthday but his happiness and well being throughout the years ahead



This birthday is your beginning

to a solitude of space,

Leave behind all the rift-raft

and step into your grace.

Shake the fears,

Cry out the pain,

Renew yourself,

Once again.

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

Birthday Wish

A birthday wish

and with it too

comes special wishes

just for you:

Lots of fun,

lots of love,

lots of blessings from above,

Happy Birthday.

D. Alsup

I Pray

I pray

that you will

Accept the blessings

that God has in store for you,

For today

Your happy birthday

and all the year through.

Happy Birthday.

D. Alsup

You Are


One of a kind








Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

The Gift Of Life

Take the gift of life and live it,

Take your love and freely give it,

Give your laughter, smiles and tears,

Give your best through all the tears,

Life is everything you make it,

Life is beautiful. so take it!

Kay Andrew

A New You

May each waking hour

bring you extra happiness

and be a stepping stone

to your life’s decision,

of who you want to be

and how to make it happen.

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup


Celebrate your progress,

Don’t let anyone steal your dreams,

you’re birthday’s a grande time

to show yourself and the world


Awesome you’ve been!

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

Your Dreams

Don’t throw away your dreams

while listening to another,

so many want you to fail

for their selfish reasons,

few want you to succeed,

If you must stand alone

remember He

is always with you

and with His strength

you can accomplish


Happy Birthday.

D. Alsup

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