It’s fun to share an amusing poem with your boyfriend on his birthday.  These poems are funny and short therefore making it fast and easy to send via text message  or email to your special guy.  Just selecting at least one poem to send to your boyfriend for his birthday will help to put a little joy and laughter in his day.


I’ll put all your candles

on your cake,

Don’t worry about the flame,

We’ll keep the fire extinguisher


as we sing

Happy Birthday

in you name.

Happy Birthday _________(add your boyfriends name here)

Party it up!

D. Alsup


Celebrate with gusto,

Celebrate with style,

Enjoy your new

lucky number

(enter your boyfriends age:) “________” years,

That’s a lot of miles.

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

You’re Sweet

You’re sweet

once a day,

so for that one

minuscule moment

I’d like to say,

Happy Birthday.

D. Alsup


The chemistry between us

makes my temperature rise,

On this your birthday

I’m your surprise!

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

A Tasty Surprise

Life with you

is like a fun pizza,



A tasty surprise,

Happy Birthday!

My boyfriend

You are the

Only man in my eyes.

D. Alsup

No Fun

What are you waiting for?

Get your party on.

‘Cause when the day is over,

Back to work.

No Fun!

Happy Birthday.

D. Alsup

A Joke For You

You’re gorgeous and your funny,

I have to admit

the jokes and pranks you pull

just don’t quit,

So to try to match your wits,

this expensive present,

so handsome you’ll agree,

I bought it with you in mind

but it’s really just for me.

Happy Birthday!


My Country Guy

H – a- buckle

B  – a – buckle

Huckleberry pie

I am your country girl

You are my country guy

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup




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